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Above all else, our church services are led by the Holy Spirit. On a typical Sunday you'll find that we gather with warm hugs, heart-felt singing, cheerful giving and authentic Bible teaching. 

Worship at Trinity Community Church is every Sunday at 11am. 


where are you located?

Trinity Community Church is located at 10879 Tara Blvd, Hampton GA 30228.

Sometimes, it can be easy to miss so if you see Home Depot on the right then you've passed it. 

Our services usually last 1.5 hours and start with prayer. After prayer we go into worship and then the preaching of the gospel by our Pastor or another minister. After the message is preached there is an altar call for anyone needing prayer or wanting to give their life to Christ. 

what can i expect?

Praise and Hands Raised

do i have to dress up?

At Trinity, we encourage our brothers and sisters to "come as you are". We believe that you should be able to worship freely without worrying about if you have on the right clothes. If you want to wear a full suit, that's fine. If you want to wear jeans and a t-shirt that's fine too. 

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